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Columnist writes for online news magazine, not Russian government

Columnist writes for online news magazine, not Russian government


Michael Lecznar (letter, Oct. 17) cites an “article” printed in “Russia’s de facto government press arm” declaring President Obama to be “a Communist without question.“

Lecznar, alas, has fallen for the same tomfoolery that trapped Senator John McCain a month or so ago. Thinking that he was addressing the Russian public by responding to an invitation to reply to Vladimir Putin in (the source cited by Lecznar), McCain found out to his embarrassment that is not by any means the Pravda that he thought it was – the newspaper, by the way, of the Russian communist party, not the Russian government.

Lecznar does not have to believe me, but he ought to believe the editors of the Wall Street Journal and National Review who pointed this out in print. is, in fact, an anticommunist, ultra-conservative online news magazine. Xavier Lerma is one of its columnists – an opinion writer, not a journalist. He identifies himself as such on his blog. All the ridiculous assertions he makes, such as that “Christianity in the U.S. is under attack,” are not fact, but merely the opinion of this one very angry and self-important Russian blogger.

Columnist Lerma has every right to hold his uninformed opinions, as does Lecznar, but by no means is he a trustworthy observer of the American political scene. That his comments about President Obama echo the near-slanderous attacks of Obama-haters in this country does not make them true. Lerma’s comments are neither “Pravda’s educated opinion,” as Lecznar believes them to be, nor are they evidence that “our former enemy is now chiding us” for heading toward our own Soviet disaster. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Madeline G. Levine,


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