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Fear is a very powerful emotion. Anger is one of the resulting behavioral patterns coming from the emotion of fear. We are seeing this all over America today, the “tea party” movement being one example.

People are simply fed up and angry with how things are going in their lives. They are angry that our federal government is too involved in our lives and, when involved, is not doing the right things anyway. We see slogans and signs: “Keep government out of my life!”

Now, if I replace one word in that slogan, and substitute “greed” for “government,” I am beginning to get to the heart of the problem, to the basis for the anger which is a result of the deep-rooted fear I feel for any number of reasons.

So, the slogan now is: “Keep greed out of my life!” Now I have replaced “government” (an entity) with “greed” (a behavioral pattern) and this is quite a different and more accurate way of looking at what’s stressing me out. And suddenly the focus of my anger shifts, because I have identified that it is a way of thinking and a behavior pattern that is really bothering me and not an entity.

And “Keep greed out of my life” now shifts my attention onto my own life, right where I am, and how greed might just figure into the equation of my problems. And if “greed” is actually one of the forms of “fear,” which it is, then what can I do about it, I ask.

So, the whole subject of how to let go of fear can now become a very attractive and personal subject, indeed. And it all starts with the “big three” – me, myself and I – being willing to identify my fears and learning how to let go of fear.

Is it possible that just by me changing my mind that I might change my life? That I might not only see everything around me differently but also be an “agent for change” simply through my interactions with others? And that by looking at and changing myself, over which I do have control, that I can give up blaming others or some governmental entity over which I have no control? What a relief!

Sound intriguing? Well, I do know it works. And what’s the alternative? Think about it.

Bob McClellan,


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