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I have recently returned from a winter in Arizona and see the Missoulian has not changed its liberal ways one bit; in fact, I think they are worse. You people seem to think that the illegal people swarming over the Mexican border have a right to come to our country, purportedly to find work. In few cases yes, but for the most part this is not true.

They are the major problem with drugs coming into our country. Almost daily they are being arrested for bringing in drugs – pot, heroin, and every other possible drug that will bring in a buck for their pockets. In fact, the border towns have virtually a drug war going on and daily there are multiple murders.

Virtually tons of drugs are being confiscated regularity.

Our bleeding hearts in this country, mostly of foreign heritage, are out demonstrating and demanding constitutional rights, the same as a U.S. citizen.

Joe Arpaio, the sherrif in that county, has been re-elected multiple times and has done a commendable job. When his jails were overcrowded, they told him he had to release them because of overcrowded condition’s. He went out and bought surplus tents and set them up in cots in the prison yard. The prisoners complained that it was 110 degrees and there was no air conditioning; his answer was that our soldiers were fighting in 110-degree weather in Iraq with a full pack on for their backs.

Then they bellyached about food; the law required him to feed them a balanced diet. He then put them on baloney sandwiches, hot dogs and salads. The law requires him to supply basic foods and the daily required calories. He said coffee and cigarettes are not part of a required diet. That was cut from their fringe benefits. His retort to that was, if you don’t like the living conditions here don’t come back. The liberals in Arizona are bellyaching daily

Out on the front of Tent City is a large motel-type sign which reads: “Vacancy.”

Wayne Richardson,


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