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To win a political argument, we must win trust. We win no points by telling people how stupid they are. Frankly, folks already know how stupid they are and want your help to not be stupid.

A recent letter to the editor, “Public Health: Bills are direct attack on science” (March 24) failed to give reasons and falsely claimed that lettered proponents are “anti-science.”

The letter had too many flaws to address. It is more important to learn for ourselves. In environmental activism, do your homework. Study! If you think that Republicans cannot be environmentalists and that Republicans are anti-science, say why. Back it up with real science. Make your case directly to the people you want to win over and not to other Democrats.

The Environmental Protection Agency and its allies make mistakes. The agency, controlled by Democrats alone and giving tax money in the form of grants to Democrats exclusively, could be replaced with one that wins trust and serves everyone.

EPA has an Enforcement Division and a Crime Unit. Really. Agency mistakes kill innocent people. One case was murder supported by a skilled coverup. Armed EPA agents recently attacked a small Idaho business. The agency is on record as having created pollution where there was none. The list of EPA and activist crimes is long and devastating.

An environmental activist from Hayden, Idaho, says, “The EPA must lie from time to time. Otherwise the system would break down.”

Correct the system and benefit everyone.

Jack Wiegman,


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