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False science has used the words "hundreds of thousands," "millions," "billions" and now "trillions." Seems as though they cannot let the government’s mismanagement of America's dollars get ahead of them.

Their imagination, not facts, also gives us false ideas of the beginning of life and they lack knowledge of when darkness began. True science not only gives us facts to a 6,000-year earth, but also when, where, why and how darkness began, along with the facts that life power comes from water, the earth and neither.

Where is false science leading us? First of all, they are giving us this idea that the conclusions we declare from our observations (whether truly observable or imagination) are superior and supreme above all other thought. Having already deceived the majority of mankind, they will one day be able to bring forth a man who will be declared to be supreme above all mankind, and anyone who will not yield to his mind, will be put to death.

Globalism is a movement by a few to control the world. This has happened a number of times in past history. Things are different this time because technology has made the world a small place.

This present movement lacks the unifying factor, the acknowledgement by the masses of a supreme one. The Battle of Gog and Magog, which is the conclusion of globalism verses Russia, will fulfill eight things the whole world will know. This will be the unifying factor. From this point, globalism will declare their supreme one within 3 1/2 years. At the end of seven years, globalism will be destroyed.

The world will continue another 1000 years and then mankind will be taken form the earth and this entire universe will be destroyed.

Will the world end by a misuse of its resources? Never!

Alan Magnus,


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