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Federal spending: Don’t believe GOP tax claims

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Schopenhauer might have been thinking of John "this-is-serious, this is almost weepingly serious, this-is-not-just-smoke-and-mirrors" Boehner when he wrote that "Gravity is the essence of all imposture."

When Boehner says, "Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem" and promises, "No increase in taxes," he is no more to be believed, I think, than was Huey Long when, after having run on a platform of no taxes, he immediately raised taxes.

When a reporter asked, "Governor Long, didn't you promise not to raise taxes?" Long replied, "I lied."

But perhaps Boehner and Denny Rehberg are sincere in wanting not to raise taxes - "responsible expenditure, not tax-and-spend" they call it - because that way, less is taken away from them, the rich, the corporations, the agricultural subsidies, the oil exploration subsidies, and "security" (that is, two increasingly indefensible wars) and less is given to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, family planning, education, Head Start, foreign aid, medical research, clean air and the environment. That's all money that's going into someone else's pocket, when you fund social services!

There's been an ethical revolution of Copernican proportions in the GOP since Lincoln scathingly characterized the robber baron philosophy as: You work and toil and earn and make the bread, and I'll eat it!

G.R. Jamieson, Missoula

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