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With the laws that guide us through the procedures for being a legal “green” card carrier in Montana, adults have learned some valuable life lessons. Many of those lessons are hard to explain to our children. They watch the many injustices that have and even now take place over the laws (SB423) and the implementation of those laws in many counties across Montana on the evening news or even at school. They watch our state and federal government arrest and take away moms and dads that were following state-approved laws. Children now live with fear that they, too, will suffer the same fate, if not worse, than many other Montana families have now experienced for following the law.

We teach our children that if we do what is right we won’t be harmed. They understand that lesson and it provides them with the skills and chance to become good, productive adults. So many people have been affected simply because law enforcement has not read the laws or has not been trained to properly implement them.

If we, as adults, now live with fear of our own state or federal government for actually following the laws and still are arrested and violated, we have taught our next generation a very sad lesson in life that will undermine us all in the end. Law enforcement is not doing the job they were hired and sworn to do, to protect us all, not just the “few” they select to protect. We as a society grow up thinking that law enforcement is here to protect us.

How does it affect a 7-year-old child as he watches his mom being arrested for following the law? How does it affect a 17-year-old with learning disabilities, who has been taught to respect our law and our law enforcement, yet does not have the social skills to understand the betrayal of such things?

We put our lives in the hands of authority figures sworn to protect us, like priests, teachers, parents and law enforcement. But how does it work when the ones we have put our faith and trust into betray us all, even the children? How do you teach a child to not fear fear? And where does fear lead?

It provides nothing but disrespect and hate in the end. Do you want your children to learn and live fear, too?

Protect Montana families and please urge our law enforcement to allow our children to grow up without fear of them, but with respect for them for doing a job well done and without prejudice. Vote to protect the children and families and pray law enforcement will follow the lead!

Children learn what they live.

Lisa Farmer, Stevensville

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