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Communism, socialism, statism or capitalism? Our free enterprise system has given America the highest standard of living in the history of the world. And it is business, the profit motive, that combine to create the entrepreneurs of success and opportunity.

“You didn't build that,” say both the current president and the ex-Secretary of State when they evaluate business. The "trickle down” theory is wrong, they claim. President Obama had a club of businessmen. He never met with them once. 

Those champions of communism, Russia and China, turned to Washington Corp. So did Canada. All wanted the skill and expertise of a Missoula entrepreneur, Dennis Washington. Washington is the embodiment of America’s free enterprise system. His railroad was picked as the best of its type in the U.S. He reopened the mine in Butte. The workers became the highest-paid in the world.

He and his wife Phyllis have given out close to $200 million to the University of Montana and dozens of charities that help youth and promote education. The core values that guide them are honesty, courage, vision, tenacity and compassion. Phyllis Washington is from Great Falls and taught school for years. This year is their 50th anniversary. Dennis Washington received the highest award – the Norman Vincent Peale – given out by the Horatio Alger Society.

Phyllis Washington’s group set a record over five years for fundraising for UM.

In the final analysis, their efforts have resulted in 10,000-plus jobs and a cornucopia of benefits for Missoula’s citizens.

The profit motive, that you get to keep a share of what you earn, that your reward is based on your efforts, is correct.

And yes, “they did build that. ” If you accept $18 trillion in debt, read James Madison or Thomas Jefferson or Ludwig von Mises.

Quay Weiser,


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