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Guest columns: Missoulian has double standard

Guest columns: Missoulian has double standard

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It seems to me that there's a double standard when it comes to guest opinions and the opinion of someone sending a letter to the editor. The "guests" seem to be able to say just about anything and don't seem to be edited, while letters by we peons get close scrutiny.

In a letter (April 24), Brian Pommer stated that Pat Williams said (guest column, April 21) that the U.S. has 250 million people. He only missed by about 60 million.

Williams had another guest column (March 7) stating that the unions brought us the weekends off. Bull!

What does he know about it? He wasn't there in Detroit in the '50s. I was! All we wanted was 40 hours pay for 40 hours work. We got it. We wanted overtime for more than eight hours a day. We got it. We didn't even think about weekends, as there are millions of jobs that require you to work weekends and holidays but you know that when you accept the jobs. He just knows that union money kept him in office for 18 years.

The unions are driving all of the so-called "great union jobs" out of the state or the country and they aren't coming back until we become a "right to work state."

People should have the right to choose. You have some of the worst unions right here in Missoula and people should be able to say if they want to pay union dues.

I'm not a union hater, as I belonged to the AFL-CIO for 25 years and I didn't need them then and I don't need them now.

Look at all the states in big trouble and you'll see all big union states. That's why, when they build new plants, they're in right-to-work states. Nobody wants to pay $60,000 for a janitor.

Bob D. Ickes, Missoula

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