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Some people in our state are crying out for the protection of their "right to die with dignity." Where do people come up with such mush? It is as if they consult their copy of George Orwell's "1984" and choose a term that means exactly the opposite of what they really desire.

Consider the "right to die" part of the phrase. Who needs that? Death can't be a right, it is the destiny for us all, and does anyone really believe the legislature has authority over death? The correct term would the "right to commit suicide." Once again, the legislature should not be promoting an increase in our state's suicide rate. Also, after someone has taken their own life, what man-made law can punish the dead?

Then comes the "dignity" part of the phrase. Do we really want to dignify suicide? If the government honors it we will get more of it. The campaign has nothing to do with dignity; they just want to protect doctors who willfully kill their patients. They give this another Orwellian title "assisted suicide," which is another way of saying malpractice or even murder.

After our proponents of the "right to die with dignity" win their battle we can expect this:

Caller to suicide hotline: "I need help, I am thinking of killing myself."

Counselor: "First I must inform you of your right to die with dignity."

Ya, that will help.

Timothy Gordish, pastor,

St. Paul Lutheran Church,


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