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Leonard Pitts: Nothing wrong with Fox News

Leonard Pitts: Nothing wrong with Fox News

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I would like to reply to the Leonard Pitts column on Wednesday, July 27.

First, he implies that Fox News is not a valid news network, but is tripe. As I have said, President Barack Obama dispatched Rahm "Rambo" Emanuel and David Axelrod to Sunday network news to say Fox News is not real news. Fox News ratings went up after that pathetic attempt.

And here comes Leonard Pitts! He correctly points out the disgusting things done at the London-based News of the World tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch. He also implies that Fox News may be part of this. He has absolutely nothing to base this on but his obvious hatred for Fox.

He says that CNN and MSNBC reported this for 170 minutes and 145 minutes. So what? CNN and MSNBC do everything to trash Fox News all the time! This is only one reason that Fox has more viewers every day than CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News combined.

He says when Dan Rather was proven to have lied about George Bush's National Guard record, CBS reported it. In truth, CBS stood behind Rather when he denied lying about that. It was other news outlets that proved what the facts were. It was then that CBS "admitted" the truth. It ruined Rather's career.

Later in the article, he calls Fox News a "bovine excreta machine." I can only say to Lenny Pitts that that is a wonderful example of self-description.

Bill Harrington, Missoula

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