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Letter: Traps have nothing to do with Second Amendment

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Referring to the Feb. 11 guest column by Dennis Schutz, I have to ask why Schutz seems to be proud that trappers such as himself "do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one." Personally, in contrast to Schutz, I am proud that I do not cause "pain and suffering" to animals through my activities.

Schutz continues with the statements that he is a "predator" and "consumptive user of renewable resources," rather than simply saying he kills our wildlife for personal financial profit. That again begs the question, is that something to be proud of?

Finally, Schutz uses the now familiar, but tired technique of claiming that when the trappers go, the hunters and fisherman, etc. will be next. Frankly, as an NRA member of almost 30 years, I don't buy it. I've never been hiking or camping when I had to fear my dogs being injured or killed by hunters or fisherman. Hunters don't leave their rifles with a trip-line out in the woods to shoot whatever comes by. Hunters don't go out to hunt elk and accidently kill eagles, wolverines, and other wildlife. A hunter fires specifically at a certain target, with a goal of a quick, clean kill. In comparison, traps, as a result of their very nature, are inhumane and indiscriminate.

Banning traps from public lands has nothing to do with our Second Amendment rights. A trap has about as much in common with a firearm as does a toaster.

Michael Koeppen, Florence

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