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High school graduation

Encourage teens to attend senior party

Missoula-area graduating seniors have enjoyed a parent- and business-supported Senior All Night Party for many years. This party is to recognize graduating seniors and help keep them safe on graduation night. Parents have been busy all year planning for this event. The party provides students with entertainment including live music, a disc jockey, games, movies, lots of food and drawings for great prizes which are generously donated by area businesses.

The University Center, on the University of Montana campus, is the site of the party on graduation evening, June 7, beginning at 8:30. Students may stay at the party until 2 or 3 a.m., and parents may be assured the party is alcohol and drug free. Parents do a majority of the work and school administrators and staff appreciate their time and dedication to make this party successful.

The success of this event is due to the generous commitments of parents, law enforcement personnel, chaperones and local businesses. The District encourages parents of high school seniors to have their graduating seniors attend this culminating senior event.

Jim Clark,


Missoula County Public Schools,

215 S. Sixth St. W., Missoula,/i>

Lolo salvage logging

Sediment data being misrepresented

In regard to the article that was published April 29, titled "Lolo forest work comes to a halt," the environmentalists have once again sensationalized an issue to inflame local communities.

Runoff this time of year on all forest lands increases as the snow pack thaws. Increased sedimentation in streams in a burned area is a natural occurrence. This is due to the lack of vegetation to hold the soil to the hillsides. The loose ash from the burned trees and brush is also easily washed into the streams from the thawing snow.

They claim that 50,000 to 100,000 tons of additional sediment will be deposited in these streams due to salvage logging. However, they give absolutely no data to support this claim. These people do not want you to know that weather conditions and temperature are the key factors determining increased sedimentation, not salvage logging. Thus, you cannot set standards for sediment in these streams when you cannot control the determining factors.

This work stoppage will be paid for by all of us. They fail to mention that any litigation brought against the U.S. Forest Service is paid for by local, state and federal treasuries. Remember, our taxes go to these treasuries and we are having a tough time paying for education, health and human services as it is. These people have only one agenda and that is to shut down logging. They have an unreasonable expectation of creating a utopia that has never existed on this earth and never will.

James M. Dyke Jr.,

3929 S. Third St. W., Missoula

Break-in shooting

Yates' mistake was assessing threat

Ruth Gill's short letter in the May 2 Missoulian ends with the declaration that "common sense tells you stop such persons before they harm you." Gill is referring to the recent shooting where a homeowner, Samuel Yates, shot a young man, Randy Brown, and killed him.

Fifteen years ago, I carried .357 Magnum in a shoulder holster while walking my dog at 10 p.m. in a Los Angeles suburb. By letting my jacket fall open to "show" the gun, I was able to avert robbery attempts on three occasions.

Nevertheless, the weapon was considered illegal and a policeman, when asked about my actions (I did not have the gun while talking to him), gave me this advice and said:

First: Do not wound your assailant - kill him.

Second: We will take your gun away and slap your wrist.

Third: Make sure the individual is a threat to you.

Unfortunately for Yates, he killed someone running away. That is unacceptable because Randy Brown was not a threat. Reading between the lines, the victim in this tragedy may not have been a model citizen, but he certainly didn't deserve to die.

Yates qualified for the first two pieces of advice I received in L.A., but he failed badly in the third. If it had been me instead of Yates, I hope I'd have had the good sense to perhaps yell at Brown, call 9-1-1, etc.

I'll be thankful not to be the judge who sentences the shooter or on the jury if it comes to that. Two lives, and many others, changed forever by a fatal decision.

Jim Wissler,

9310 Woodwind Trail, Missoula


The disgrace continues

Well, Montana legislators did exactly what I thought they would do - wait until the 11th hour, slash and burn the budget, then run out of Helena as fast as they could. These corporate prostitutes did nothing about the corporate welfare that Montana is suffering from. Where is the five-year limit on our corporate welfare families?

Balancing Montana's budget on the backs of workers, poor and disabled is a social, economic and political crime against the people of Montana. The criminals of the Republican Party should be arrested and sent to their favorite private prison at Shelby, so Shelby can make lots of profit. Martz, our chief corporate prostitute and Republican criminal, should be put in solitary confinement. The Republicans are just as criminal as the Baath Party of Iraq. The Democratic Party is a disgrace to Montana and America by their silence and lack of any opposition to the Republican criminals. They say we live in a democracy; what a joke on the American people. Overthrow this government now.

Daniel Gawain Waters,

10368 Highway 2 N., Troy

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