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Missoula Aging Services

Sewer problems urgent issue for some

No one asked me to write this letter. In fact, I don't know if I should write this letter. But, after I read the article in the Missoulian on Dec. 31 about Missoula Aging Services battling sewer concerns, I became rather alarmed. You see, I just started again as a senior companion with Aging Services. I go to their building for meetings and we drink lots of coffee, tea and other good things. Well! Sometime between age 65 and 70 I discovered my rushes to the bathroom were more often. So, I'm going to send Aging Services $5 to help them along with this problem. Now, I know what you can buy for $5.

Of course I may not have to worry about going to any more meetings. The staff may think I talk too much. And I do. But, no plumbing! I'm not sure I'm up to that challenge.

Florence "Chris" Christiansen,

P.O. Box 205, Milltown

Women activists

Conservatives working to end abortion

I'm responding to an article entitled "Women of Action" (Missoulian, Nov. 30). This Montana Feminist History Project was a collaboration among the UM Anthropology Department, Women's Studies, the Mansfield Library and community residents. Sixty histories were recorded from a diverse sampling of geographic, political and racial backgrounds, along with Women's Advocacy groups.

I take exception to the exclusion of conservative women activists, who have worked very hard to save the unborn baby in such groups as Eagle Forum, Christian Coalition, Right to Life and Concerned Women for America. We have lobbied our Montana state and national legislators consistently over many years and have been compassionate regarding the unborn baby and the mother-to-be.

As a representative of Concerned Women for America, I take exception to the following stated accomplishment of the Feminist movement, which was quoted in this article: "Montana ratifies its new constitution with provisions protecting an individual's right to privacy, thereby paving the way to uphold reproductive freedom in Montana. 1972." Though the privacy clause did help their cause, I don't believe feminists were that influential at the Constitutional Convention, as Roe vs. Wade didn't occur until 1973.

I believe that abortion is a sin against God's design, as He planned for the baby's safety in the womb during pregnancy, as well as for the mother's emotional reward when she gives birth - no matter what the circumstances. I yearn to be my "brothers' keeper" and I perceive the unborn baby and the mother-to-be as my "brothers."

As the majority of people in Montana are not under the influence of the Feminist History Project, yet, I believe that they will oppose abortion on demand for many reasons. I am not alone in the belief that Roe vs. Wade was a bad decision based on the unproven thinking that most women wanted the freedom to abort unwanted babies for a myriad of reasons.

Jeanette Zentgraf,

P.O. Box 1116, Lolo

Malfunction Junction

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Intersection plan won't benefit Missoula

In regard to the Missoulian's opinion of Dec. 10, about Malfunction Junction:

You tell us that this realignment program should be put in place because it has been turned down for two decades. Coming from a person in your position, that appears to be pretty weak justification for your opinion. So I am assuming that you used your vast resources to study this and determine that it is in the city's best interest.

I have consulted people at city engineering and at the engineering firm and they cannot explain how this program accomplishes any of its goals, so please use your journalistic talents to enlighten us "nonbelievers" as to how it does.

I agree with your statements that it "affects people's lives" and will affect a greater portion of their lives; "commerce," oh yes, the same cars going the same places will travel about 800,000 miles farther per year; that's $60,000 for gas, $16,000 for tires, etc.; "pollution" the extra distance traveled and the three or four new stoplights to stop and start up from and the increased percentage of autos having to stop at current lights will definitely make more pollution.

I have studied this plan for several years and have yet to discover how it benefits Missoula. You can be assured I am anxiously awaiting your next editorial on "Malfunction Junction" so I can understand how it favorably affects Missoula.

If the City Council and mayor would like to spend an evening discussing my findings, I am free except Tuesdays. It won't happen in three minutes or 300 words.

Dan Morris,

12290 Flora Drive, Missoula

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