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Chip, cut, hack. If I was an old cottonwood I’d be afeard for my life.

Montana is endangered- personal freedoms slashed; social mores eroded by the dubious ’for the good of us all’. Killing the last best place.

I put jack fence up for my two-horse-power lawnmowers and ride them to pasture and bring them home evenings.

Why? Grizzlies run the town. Two snacked on a deer kill in the trees. Men fencing got chased.

Eastward-a grizzly snacked on five goats. Northward-seventy lambs slaughtered with the offender released.

Bambi trims my hedges and licks horse block-salt.

Think I’ll call Bullwinkle. Invite him down to share the tulips and garden veggies like down in Yellowstone.

Wild game tamed. Predators crowded out of the backcountry. Our number one industry pays the price.

Fish and Game. What a shame. Their one claim to fame is a study to support their mismanagement fiasco by saying the game numbers are alarmingly down, thus aligning the sportsman in their farce.

Why don’t they do a study on the declining numbers of Ag families forced out of business?

Augusta rodeo, a symbol of our heritage. Helena sent such a large law-herd, I felt like a movie star with a personal entourage.

Lawmen stopped two young designated drivers three times each. And I ’herd’ one women got arrested for reaching for the ’gun’ in her purse when asked for I.D.

Officer designated duty-musta thought the young folks had served overseas and by golly they weren’t going to go into no bar and enjoy a beer. Can’t have that.

Seat belt laws. For the good of us all.

Open container law. A good thing- it gives the pre-release folks a job cleaning the ditches. There is that.

Chop. Hack. Cut.

Kyle Morrow, Augusta

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