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I can’t understand why there is such a polarization in my little Montana town over a political celebrity, Sarah Palin, coming to visit. She appears to be a sincerely nice lady with a typical American family that has all our warts and bumps. She simply thinks differently then many youthful Missoulians with a noted curse prescribed by one Winston Churchill, a true world leader: Youth without a liberal outlook on life have no heart, mature without a conservative outlook on life have no brain.

America is basically a two-party political system and Palin is an effective tool used to raise money for her party, which we need as much as the Democratic party to try and keep some balance in a system that is the best system in the world, brought to us by the genius of our founding fathers.

Instead of berating Palin, an American working female, and her family, why don’t we take some jabs at a true American female phony, Nancy Pelosi? If her face was pulled any tighter she would look like Chairman Mao, laid to rest some 30 years ago and shrinking due to dehydrating even though placed in a multi-thousand dollar humidifier on display. An experience we all can have when visiting Tiananmen Square. Her capped teeth not only make her slur her speech – google any old speech of hers; she sounds completely different before the cap job – they make her look not unlike Howdy Doody. Google that too, you’ll see the obvious likeness.

The media has made fun of Palin’s hair on a regular basis. She’s a middle-age, attractive women who goes to a stylist to enhance herself for her public appearances. Pelosi is well past middle age so imagine the process she goes through to hide her grayness alone, which at her age would be nearly white.

Then there is Pelosi’s personality. She lies like a cheep turkish rug to do one thing and one thing only: get re-elected. If you have been to a large California city recently, i.e., San Francisco, you will see her motivation. The inner city streets are filled with homeless smokers and drug addicts who need someone to pay for their health care which is a disaster due to their life style choices. Yes many are mentally ill and do need assistance, but not all.

I think Barack Obama is a well-intentioned young man who would truly like to make a difference in his tenure as president. He is learning some hard lessons and if he has the political instincts that Bill Clinton had he will make some smart choices down the road. The biggest problem he has is who he is surrounded by and number one is good old Pelosi and her not-so-hidden agenda: get Pelosi re-elected.

What say we start acting like the Montanans of my youth and stop telling people what they should do or not do based on our personal opinions? Let’s start working towards electing people who can work effectively together in a two- or maybe even three-party system that will check and balance our government as it was designed to have done. Now wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Rick Caron,


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