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Refugees: Bible says to separate from 'pagans'

Refugees: Bible says to separate from 'pagans'

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I’m addressing those who write about Jesus and the Muslims. Read Bible history between the Jewish people and God; they were told to keep separate and not taint themselves with non-believers. Repeatedly the Bible points out to stay away from pagans, as their sin will drag you down.

The Good Samaritan helped the non-believer, but didn’t take him home or have anything to do with him other than giving him aid. If you feel led, send money to some aid society, but don’t bring them to Ravalli and don’t require others to pay for it either. Their sin will be your downfall! God can’t look on sin, and when the Jews sinned and mixed with pagans they were punished by God in the Old Testament. They had turned their backs on God and sinned like the pagans. This is not a mean God but a just one. Just like we teach children there are consequences for their sins, God punishes his people for theirs.

Don’t you read? I’ll show you in their own Quran they want to rape and kill yet you want to have them here. Europe’s women are being violently raped and are afraid to leave their homes because of the Muslims. What in the world is wrong with you? I recently read about a woman who decided to prove Muslims were peaceful and hitchhiked across a Muslim country. She was brutally raped and killed. She was wrong and so are you who want them here.

I’m not prejudiced, I just don’t want the Muslims here who will rape our women, bring violence, cost our towns large amounts of money and destroy our beautiful Ravalli County. Since you want them here, I think you should pay for all the expenses. Stop requiring others to pay for your mistakes.

Donna Gibney,


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