Rep. Denny Rehberg: Comments on judges out of line

Rep. Denny Rehberg: Comments on judges out of line


Montanans pride themselves on hard work and getting things done. We respect good judgment.

Denny Rehberg's failure to get anything accomplished for Montana is well known. On Feb. 7, he outrageously reminded us of his continuing lack of judgment. Before the Montana Legislature, Rehberg couldn't stop himself from throwing red meat to his allies by attacking federal judges. He bellowed that one particular judge should be put on the "endangered species list" when referencing the debate over wolf management. Everyone who heard, or read, his comments could easily assume he was suggesting violence. He should be denounced for his inflammatory comments, and retired from public service for his ongoing lack of judgment.

Rehberg's cheap comments - made only weeks after his congressional colleague was gunned down in Tucson, Ariz. - are even more horrifying given that a federal judge was killed in the melee.

Judges are prohibited from speaking out on or explaining the decisions they make on any case. Maybe that is why they are easy subjects for the ill-informed and ill-equipped to engage in debate beyond the juicy sound bite. Because these frauds know there cannot be a debate with the judges they disagree with, they fire at will.

Of course, a robust debate of the issues is necessary; in fact, it is required in this great country. But, when Rehberg suggested violence against a federal judge he showed himself, once again, to be unfit. At the very least, he should be censured by Congress and receive a serious visit from the U.S. Marshals Service.

Now is the time for serious men and women to tackle the tough issues we face. No one - especially a sitting congressman - should casually throw about inflammatory calls for violence. Rehberg proves, once again, he is not worthy of his office.

David Paoli, Missoula

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