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Republican party: Return of robber barons

Republican party: Return of robber barons


The Republican Party has lately been overrun by people who hate civilization.

This is the civilization, you might recall, that recognized that physics and biology trump ideology, that gave mere laborers a voice in their affairs, that made it possible for "but a mechanic" to live the good life. It is the civilization that believed in the common good and general welfare. It is the civilization that was starting to realize that violence should not be the option of first resort, that the power and wealth of private tyrannies should be strictly limited, and even that wealthy thieves and murderers should be punished, not richly rewarded.

All of this progress has been deeply hated by the few. They wish to return us to the days of the robber barons, before the "nanny state"; when workers worked 90 or 100 hours a week for bad room and board with no safety net, no recourse against negligent or criminal bosses; when private tyrants could accumulate unlimited wealth and act with utter impunity.

Modern propaganda has become so good that it looks like they will succeed. We can, however take some bitter comfort in the knowledge that their triumph will be short-lived. If the many they are trying so hard to enrage do not destroy them first, the laws of physics (absorption of infrared radiation by carbon dioxide) will. Unfortunately, the civilization they hate so much will go down with them.

Don Gisselbeck, Missoula

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