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I happened to be driving east on Broadway at the Federal Building to pay my taxes when I came upon a crowd of people waving flags and receiving a thumbs-up at the horn-blowing traffic. My curiosity pulled at me to stop and I parked across the street from Roemers Tire on Broadway.

As I exited my vehicle and began walking toward the crowd of everyday people, some who may have been my neighbors, my eyes were opened. I saw they were peaceful but cheering at the horn-blowing traffic passing by. The energy of the group was electric and grew with each passing minute.

As I stood there, the feeling that swept over me was the most intense jolt of patriotism since the day I graduated U.S. Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego many years past. At this moment I knew it was my time to stop my complaining to my family and friends and step up to do what I can to bring reality to those folks in Washington who make their living off of my, and millions of others, daily toil.

Our governing Washington legislators are out of touch. Their “normal” is spending billions in the form of ill-conceived and not-paid-for programs designed to make constituents more dependent on big government. They leave unknown but certainly painful consequences to our children and grandchildren, who will struggle to pay for this egregious, thoughtless neglect.

They don’t answer our calls and communicate with form letters offering divergent feel good answers to our specific inquiries about serious topics such as debt, taxes, jobs and healthcare.

They pontificate their contrived accomplishments and bask in self-indulged perks, pensions, and automatic pay raises, pervasive within this enclave of a self-pampering governance.

Finally, the time is now to send a message loud and clear to those in Washington that they represent us, for we are the people. So let’s be positive, be reasoned, and be involved. It’s time for change that we can live and pay for, now, and for the future generations yet to come.

Your Montana neighbor,

Bill Murray,


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