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Trapping is not a sport like hunting

Trapping is not a sport like hunting

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The proponents of trapping would have the public believe that trapping is closely related to the outdoor tradition of hunting and fishing. Hunting and fishing is a sport. Trapping is not. Hunting involves sporting skill and the kill happens quickly most of the time. Trapping often involves the prolonged agony and suffering of the animal. Sometimes the animal is a pet.

The proponents of trapping would have us believe that the elimination of trapping will harm wildlife. Hundreds of years ago, before the introduction of trapping, wildlife thrived in the Montana wilderness.

The proponents of trapping state that trapping is the only way to keep the wolf population under control. Apparently the trappers feel that the Montana hunter lacks the skill to hunt wolves.

The trapping proponents believe that trapping keeps the public safe from animal attacks. They neglect to give any clear evidence that this is true.

The trapping organizations are using some hunting organizations as cover. They are hoping that the public will buy into the lie that hunting, fishing and trapping are all the same. Again and again the trapping proponents claim that the real agenda of Initiative 177 is to ban hunting in Montana. This is a carefully fabricated lie which has no basis in fact.

Pope Francis has recently published an encyclical letter that is titled “Laudato Si – On Care for Our Common Home.” The Encyclical states: “We have one heart and the wretchedness which leads is to mistreat an animal will not be long in showing itself in out relationships with other people. Every act of cruelty toward any creature is contrary to human dignity.”

William Johnson,


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