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Shoo, pesky magpie

An urban deer shoos a pesky magpie off its rump during a backyard wildlife encounter among the three in Missoula.

Deer: Have they taken over our lives?

In my case, just about. I have lived in the Rattlesnake Valley for more than 20 years and this year has really been something.

Four or five deer sleep in my yard (or is that rest in my yard) frequently. For an animal that does most of its forging nocturnally, it sure spends a lot of time in my yard during the day.

Yes, they are a beautiful animal, especially the little Bambies. They have become pests though. Yes, I understand we have invaded their habitat in the Rattlesnake.

But is anyone in our city or county keeping track of the numbers? Or studying the problem? I have seen more bucks this year than in the past and the only time we don’t see does is when they are having more babies.

One of the tasks that I do concerning these lovely animals is scooping poop. Believe this or not, but one evening, after taking a day off, I scooped 72 piles, which can be attested to by my wife and her brother from Virginia, who hadn’t seen a deer in decades until he came to visit us.

I know I am not the only one having this problem. At 80, it is getting more difficult to bend down to scoop all those piles.

Gary Sorensen,


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