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A Hamilton man who claimed to be upset over someone mocking his truck is facing felony charges after he allegedly used that truck to chase his wife around their yard after threatening her with an ax.

Andy Jack Hauser, 44, appeared Monday before Ravalli County Justice Jennifer Ray on two felony charges of assault with a weapon, and several misdemeanor counts.

A charging affidavit filed by Deputy Ravalli County Attorney Angela Wetzsteon said deputies were dispatched to the Hauser home on Old Corvallis Road at about 10 p.m. July 7 for a reported disturbance.

Hauser’s wife told deputies her husband had become angry with her and left their home with the doors locked. Since she didn’t have keys, the woman fell asleep in her vehicle waiting for Hauser to return.

When he did return, the woman said “he pulled me out of the car, threatened me with an ax, tried to chase me down with the car.”

Witnesses said they saw Hauser using a vehicle to chase his wife around the couple’s yard and hitting the brakes within a yard of hitting the woman. The witnesses said they say Hauser hit the fence several times and run over different objects in the yard.

The woman told deputies that she was afraid of Hauser and always does what he tells her to do because she is afraid of what he will do if she doesn’t.

Hauser told deputies that he was angry because someone had called his truck a “piece of sh—.” He said he was driving around like that to prove that it wasn’t. Hauser said he also was angry that he had run over a small child’s bicycle and ripped the front bumper off his vehicle.

He allegedly admitted to screaming, yelling and driving carelessly.

Hauser faces misdemeanor counts of partner or family member assault, unlawful restraint, disorderly conduct and reckless driving.

Ray set bail at $20,000 with a requirement that Hauser wear a GPS device if released from detention.

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