A Plains man who allegedly passed out in the Westside Lanes bathroom after apparently injecting himself with opiates over the weekend, appeared in Missoula County Justice Court Monday afternoon to face felony charges.

Gregory Alan Thompson, 53, told Justice of the Peace Karen Orzech Monday afternoon that he had a prescription for the drugs found on him. 

"I'm sure he doesn't have a prescription to inject drugs," Orzech retorted. "I don't think they give prescriptions like that."

After hearing bail arguments, Orzech ordered Thompson held on a $50,000 bail, noting she considered him a flight risk. She also denied him from being considered for pre-trial supervision. 

Prosecutors said Thompson has an extensive criminal history, including a felony conviction of terrorists threats out of Minnesota, and more recently he pleaded guilty to a felony DUI in Missoula County.


In his most recent brush with the law Saturday morning, Thompson had allegedly passed out in the bowling alley bathroom with an array of drug paraphernalia and drugs surrounding him, prompting employees to call law enforcement.

Police Officer Brandon O'Dell responded to the call and found Thompson unconscious, drooling and slouched over the toilet. He also allegedly saw an arm tie-off, a spoon and a half-full syringe surrounding the man.

O'Dell bumped the defendant's arm, jolting him awake.

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"Thompson was mumbling and slurring his words," the affidavit stated. "When asked what he was doing, Thompson claimed he was going to the bathroom, however, his pants were pulled all the way up as he was sitting on the toilet."

Thompson initially told the officer he was injecting OxyContins and pointed to his breast pocket underneath his sweatshirt. He pulled out a baggie and other items from the pocket, but then pulled out a baggie with a white powder substance from his right pants pocket.

O'Dell could only see the baggie was full of a white substance and cotton swabs - commonly used as filters in conjunction with intravenous drug use.

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According to the affidavit, Thompson allegedly quickly turned and poured the substance in the baggie into the toilet, thwarting O'Dell's chance at examining the contents.  

Thompson then refused to tell the officer his name and also refused to give O'Dell his identification card. 

After Thompson was placed in handcuffs, he reportedly began fiddling with the syringe that was partially full of a cloudy liquid on the floor. When the officer began moving him, Thompson allegedly kicked the syringe across the floor.

When another officer retrieved the paraphernalia, he noted most of the liquid had been squirted out in the movement. He also noted that the items Thompson had taken from his pocket amounted to an intravenous drug "fix kit." 

More syringes and prescription drug bottles were found on him as O'Dell took him into custody, and as he was booked into jail, guards found pills identified as Hydromorphone, a highly-addictive opiate pain medication. Missoula County Jail guards also found him in possession of a Montana Access electronic benefits card belonging to another person.

In total, Thompson faces three felonies, including criminal possession of dangerous drugs and two counts of tampering with evidence. He also faces three misdemeanors for criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, obstructing a police officer and unauthorized acquisition of food stamps.   

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