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Our Games & Puzzles page is ready to test you!

May we have a word? Like, perhaps, a five-letter word for 'Western contest'? Or what about six letters, 'President between Warren and Herbert'? (We'll think about those for a minute.) You can always spend some time on missoulian.com to browse the latest local news to stay informed but, did you know we have a variety of games available for you to play?

Whether you’re a fan of classic word games, number puzzles, or strategy and memory games we’ve got something for you in our online Games section! Go to our page, and get busy. You can save a puzzle, print it out, start it over, error-check your work, even time yourself if you wish. Have a puzzle from a week ago that you forgot to do? No problem, you can go back and find it and work on it anytime. And if you ever need help, you can reveal a letter. Need more help? Reveal the whole word.

In addition to crosswords, available 24/7 at on our games and puzzles page are other brain-teasers including Battleships, Sudoku and word search. If you feel like something new, branch out to something like Hashi.

As a subscriber, you have unlimited access to all of our puzzles, as well, of course, to all of our journalism.

So what are you waiting for? Get playing now; boost your brainpower here!

(Oh, and we figured out the answers from those clues above with a bit of letter revealing: 'R-O-D-E-O' and 'C-A-L-V-I-N!)

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