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We've been hearing for a long time about how much the fifth generation of wireless service will speed up and smooth out our internet-dependent lives, and now the moment has … not completely arrived.

Montanans love freedom. That is why many Americans have flocked to our As-Close-To-Perfect State as you can get. Americans are seeking refuge to our state from policies that counter what Montana stands for: freedom, friendly business climate, and less government. Last week in D.C., the Senat…

Thank you for highlighting the important happenings in our community. However, one area that needs more focus is what to do in the event of a cardiac emergency, since approximately 350,000 people/year have a cardiac emergency outside of the hospital (Centers for Disease Control, 2021).

Kudos to Eugene Schmitz (Missoula oped, Jan. 26). Big (and raised) pickups are safety hazards. I was recently almost sideswiped by a huge behemoth whose driver didn't see my Honda CRV next to him and wanted to move into my lane. Fast work on steering saved me from a bad accident.

Sen. Steve Daines’s opinion piece in the Sunday, Jan. 23 edition of the Missoulian is a blatant display of the current Republican platform of opposition and deflection.

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