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Roger Koopman’s Oct. 2 column, “Education is not protesting,” contained a stunning amount of ignorance.

It’s hard to believe he’s actually a commissioner at the Montana Public Service Commission, because he doesn’t even understand that science isn’t “left wing” or “right wing”; it’s fact- and experiment-based, with peer review (which means that other scientists challenge and try to disprove claims). It is the most rigorous system for determining evidence-based theories about reality that we have.

Plus Koopman’s claims that the “climate crisis” is only a “so-called” crisis means that he doesn’t, even yet, think it’s real. Instead, he claims that the “voices of reason and real science have been shouted down” and that the “‘crisis’ doesn’t exist.” Koopman has his head buried so deeply in what he wishes was true that he doesn’t even know that 97% of climate scientists think the climate crisis is absolutely real.

Proudly proclaiming more ignorance, Koopman continues, “From what I can tell, only one side of the man-made climate change debate is ever presented.” What an absolute lie, given that ill-informed conservatives are only too happy to spread their falsehoods that our climate problems aren’t real. In fact, it’s only been as world temperatures get hotter and hotter and the resultant weather changes more and more intrusive and obvious that the average American is finally coming around — in spite of the constant denials from the Koopman-types — to understand that the climate crisis is real!

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Koopman amazed me when he said that public schools wouldn’t have allowed students to attend a pro-life rally or a demonstration promoting Christian values. How can he be so ignorant as to not know that the state is not allowed to preach religion. It’s all part of the First Amendment.

As for Koopman’s claim that the students should be responding to a call for “a return to the principles of the Constitution” — I sure hope Koopman doesn’t think he’s someone who knows what those are. He apparently doesn’t understand even the basics of the Constitution.

And so a poor thinker like Koopman is going to get to determine whether Northwestern Energy is going to have to finally get serious about investing in renewable energy? Well, I can imagine how that will turn out!

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William H. Clarke of Missoula has a law degree from the University of Denver.

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