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U.S. Constitution

The Constitution united its citizens as members of a whole, vesting the power of the union in the people.

We ask our fellow Montana citizens and Montana legislators to support House Resolution 2, a bipartisan resolution of Montana's House of Representatives, urging Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the 2010 "Citizens United" decision of the U.S. Supreme Court and restore our right to control money and corporations in politics.

Passing this resolution will help the citizens of Montana clearly re-affirm that we are very concerned about the continued, deepening erosion of our democratic processes by the unlimited, massive expenditures of corporations in our election process and that we will no longer accept this attack on our democratic processes.

The State Administration Committee met the morning of Feb. 8 and voted 13-7 in approval of HR 2 — a successful first step for this important issue. HR2 will be debated in the Montana House of Representatives next, so we must act expeditiously and effectively.

Please remember that the people of Montana — about 75 percent of Montana voters, including the majority of every county in Montana and all counties — on Nov. 6, 2012, passed Initiative 166, asserting that the people of Montana regard money as property (not free speech), and that the people of Montana regard the rights under the United States Constitution as rights of human beings (not rights of corporations) and called for a U.S. Constitutional amendment. Montana 2012 I-166 stated: "Ballot initiative I-166 establishes a state policy that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings, and charges Montana elected and appointed officials, state and federal, to implement that policy."

Please reaffirm this by voting for HR2. Passing this resolution can help strengthen our democratic processes here in Montana and across the nation by calling for the reversal of the Citizens United ruling's harmful assertions that corporations have the rights of ordinary persons and that corporations' use of money in elections is supposed to be protected in the way that the free speech of ordinary citizens and persons is protected. Passage of HR 2 will help overturn Citizens United and restore our right to control money and corporations in politics. Money is not free speech and corporations are not human beings.

Out-of-state corporate and dark money, anonymously donated and used in election campaigns as a result of the Citizens United ruling have had a huge effect on our elections and the outcomes of Montana politics and on politics across the nation. Regardless of our political leanings and party affiliations, we see that these influences have overwhelmed our citizens' voices in recent campaigns, interfered with Montanan’s right to choose our representatives, and are undermining our democracy. And, as we have seen in the past with the Citizens United ruling, even the U.S. Supreme Court won’t stand with us against these forces.

Please make a statement for Montana, and join the hundreds of other citizens, private and governmental bodies from all over the country working to ban these dark money practices and their destructive influence from our state and national politics. Thanks for your support for Resolution HR 2 in the 2019 Montana Legislature.

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This opinion by Frank Kromkowski (Helena) and Ron Lukenbill (Helena) has been signed by more than 100 other Montanans from around the state. For the full list of names, visit this column on the Missoulian website. 

James C. Nelson, Helena

Jean Lemire Dahlman, Forsyth

Jonathan Motl, Helena

Jade Bahr, Billings

Mary Caferro, Helena

Linda Gillison, Missoula

Ellie Parker, Helena

Geoff Gallus, Butte

Ann Waickman, Helena

Sue Kirchmyer, Missoula

Clare Kearns, Helena

Don Jacques, Helena

Cindy Yarberry, Helena

Sharon Patton-Griffin, Great Falls

Kathryn QannaYahu, Helena

Lawrence Pettit, Helena

Kevin Curtis, Butte

Paul Donaldson, MD, Helena

Gerry Jennings, Great Falls

Carol Kopec, Helena

Tootie Welker, Hot Springs

Janice Frisch, Helena

Sue Tarpey, Missoula

Tom Antos, Helena

Angie Dansie, Dillon

Dave Antos, Helena

Celia Winkler, Missoula

Kenneth C. Taylor, Helena

Diane L. Magone, Superior

Haleigh Thrall, Helena

Duran Caferro, Helena

Petra Möller, Dillon

Dee Anna, Boulder

Patty Opitz , Helena

Pete Talbot, Missoula

Nadine Smith, Billings

Mark Ibsen, MD, Helena

Jim Parker, Hamilton

Jim Heikes, Boulder

Grace Johnson, Helena

Katrina Ruhmland, St. Ignatius

Suzy Holt, Helena

Tim Pattison, Helena

Joe Loos, Missoula

Deborah M. Lewis, Tarkio

Rebecca Harris Kotula, Missoula

Karen Loos, Missoula

Gail Trenfield, St. Ignatius

Debra Hanneman, Whitehall

Suzanne Nybo, Helena

Kim Destiche, Clancy

Jerilyn Lessley, Belgrade

Veronica Whitaker, Helena

Jean Triol, Kalispell

Pat Whitaker, Helena

Jeffrey J. Smith, Missoula

Marshall Mayer, Helena

Marianne Forrest, Missoula

Leah Schmirler, Great Falls

Kent Dodge, Helena

Tom Kotynski, Great Falls

Rick Cottingham, Helena

Michelle Risho, Bozeman

Beth Harbolt Cottingham, Helena

Tammy Mehlhoff, Billings

Bob Pyfer, Helena

Jane Stevenson, Helena

Ed Stevenson, Helena

Robert Capriccio, Missoula

John Woodland, Superior

Barb Harris, Helena

Jim Benish, Helena

Sharon Patton-Griffin, Great Falls

Bonnie Lambert, Helena

Mark Anderlik, Missoula

Mary Kathleen Craig, Butte

George Waring, Butte

Becky Bishop, Stevensville

Bill Entwistle, Helena

Lynn Ferguson, Butte

Diane Smith, Missoula

Michael Sweet, Helena

Roger Ala, Helena

Sherri Downing, Helena

Tom Kotynski, Great Falls

Sidney Armstrong, Helena

Diane Bomback, Augusta

Becky Donaldson, Helena

Pamela Morris, Corvallis

Becky Foster, Helena

Tom Stockburger, Missoula

Roy Tyrone Black, Helena

Steve McGrath, Butte

Paul Pacini, Helena

Nona Stockton, Grass Range

Ted Scherf, Helena

Bill Rule, Helena

Linda Kenoyer, Livingston

John Moore, Helena

Mary Ellerd, Bozeman

Ann Buss, Helena

John Kevin Hunt, Missoula

Floyd Dahlman, Forsyth

Giles Stockton, Grass Range

Tim Holmes, Helena

Dean Grenz, Boulder

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