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Health care providers urge Montanans to help flatten the curve again
Guest column

Health care providers urge Montanans to help flatten the curve again


Dear neighbor:

Earlier this year, some of us wrote to ask for your help. Because of the hard work and sacrifices you made then, we flattened Montana’s curve and saved lives. Thank you — we know it wasn’t easy. You helped buy time for the hard-working nurses, doctors and other health care workers of your community to fight back against COVID-19 with treatments, tests, safety protocols and more space in our hospitals. We are more ready than we have ever been. We are here for you now and will be there for you no matter what, but we still need your help. We need it now more than ever.

COVID-19 is surging in our community and in Montana. The situation is more serious than it has ever been in our state. New case counts and hospitalizations are hitting record highs nearly every day and tragically more and more Montanans are losing their lives to this disease. Our healthcare systems here and around the region are being strained under this pressure. COVID-19 can impact everyone — young, old, healthy or chronically ill. It can cause heart damage in young athletes, it can increase the risk of pre-term delivery in pregnant mothers, it can steal the lives of our loved ones from us too soon, particularly our elders.

Reducing the spread of disease is the most powerful tool our community has to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the best way to keep our children safely in school, to keep our economy open, and to keep our friends, family and neighbors alive. Other communities and states have been overwhelmed by this virus. We are not immune, and the risk of that happening here has never been higher. We are working every day to prevent this, but will not be successful without your help.

We need you to prioritize doing these things every day:

1. Wear a mask whenever you are outside your home or around other people.

2. If you are exposed to someone with COVID-19, quarantine at home for 14 days.

3. If you are sick, get tested, self-quarantine and follow public health advice.

4. If your children are sick, keep them home from school or daycare and follow return to school guidelines.

5. Wash your hands regularly.

6. Keep at least 6 feet away from others.

7. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.

8. Support our economy by patronizing businesses that prioritize your and our community’s health and safety by following public health orders and best practices.

As a community we flattened the curve once before. We must do it again.

This opinion is signed by Dr. Nathan Allen, Billings; Dr. Lauren Wilson, Missoula; Dr. Sarah Holexa, Missoula; and more than 400 other health professionals in Montana: 

Freddy Bartoletti MD

Nate Cook, MD

Bridgette Baker MD

Alisa Sullivan, FNP-C

Maria Cook, MD

Bridgett J Chartier RN, MSN, BC-NEA, CEN

Greg Burfeind, MD

Claire Kenamore, M.D.

Paula Colledge MS, PA-C

Aaron TenHarmsel, MD

Kristin Scott-Tillery, MD

Erin Grantham, MD

Adrienne Coopey, DO

Angela Goodman MD

Megan Littlefield, MD

monika starosta MD

Maria Krasowski, DNP

James Miller DO

José F Ortiz MD

Steve Gerstner MD FACP

Allie Davis, DO

Matthew Fischer, MD

Justin Bottsford-Miller, MD

Janelise Clarke, FNP

Joyce Pang, MD

John Schallenkamp, MD

Shin Yin Lee, MD

Dawn Corso MD

Daniel Gomez MD

Kim Trostel, MD

Melanie Schmitz PA-C

Christina Armstrong PA-C

Julia Marsik, PA

Kyle Raymond PA-C

Randy L. Spear PA-C

Stephanie Canty MD

Gail Kleman, MD

Christopher H. Blevins, MD

Diana Norton, MD

Haleigh James, MD

Jennifer Eitingon, MD

Katie Germany, MD

Michelle Pierson, MD

Beth S. Hamilton, PA-C

Robert W McDermott Jr MD

Linda Starr MD

Andrew Curtis, MD

Tara Bowman Seitz MD

Robert Pueringer, MD

Cynthia Brewer, D.O.

Camille S. Osborn MD

Kimberly Ng, MD

John R Pender MD

Sara Nyquist, MD

Shane Milu, DO

Jeri Lynn Casagrande, DO

Diane Hurd, PMHNP

Taylor C. Easley, MD

Phillip E. Griffin MD

Heather Schroder, FNP

C Dale Vermillion MD

Per Sommer, MD

Paula Roos MD

Jeanne D Ortiz, MD

Mike Gordon, MD

Paul Byorth M.D.

Glenn Guzman MD

Phillip Key, MD

Shelly Eagen, NP

Heather Gale MD

Kaitlyn Frenk, PA-C

Christopher Goulet, MD

Noah Marks MD

Brian Piazza, MD

Jessica W Scheer, NP

Christine LaVerdiere FNP-C

Robin Scott Horrell M.D., Ph.D.

Joe Epperson PA-C

Jamiee Belsky, MD

Dr. Guy Schmidt M.D.

Breanne Terakedis, MD

Kaitlyn Leenheers PA-C

Danielle Ries de chaffin, MD

Alison Quammen PA-C

Barbara Curry MD

Lynette Gordy, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Kate Blakeslee PA-C

Robert W McDermott III, MD

Sam Malinowski MSN FNP

Yee Ang, MD

Leslie Mutchler FNP

Leigh Gipe, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Amy S. Hansen PA-C

Elizabeth Grandahl PA-C

Larry Severa, MD, FAAFP

Laura Szabo MD

Aaron Audet M.D.

Elizabeth Leweling M.D.

Whitney Gum MD

Noelle Thomas, MD

Shelly Basye, MD

Steve Fischer MD

Jessica Amsden, PA

James Metherell MD

Steven Arbogast DO FAAN

Whitney Robinson MD

Catherine Stephens, MD

Julian Grecco MD

Maria Buniel, MD

Andrea Darilek, MD

Emily Pearlman, MD

Brian Fullerton MD

Kevin Moran, MD

Tom Luers, MD

Bryon Hobby, MD

Daniel Hurst DO

George Knight, MD

Jennifer Pflug, MD

Nathan Allen, MD

Karen Breetz, M.D.

Miranda Meunier, NP

Jeffry Lindenbaum, MD

Joan Sorenson, MD

Aleksandra Kwasnik MD

Sarah Peila, MD

Nola Tesfaye, MD

Joseph Peila, MD

Colleen Wood, MD

Emily P Morrison, MD

Jesus C Fabregas, MD

Megan Petersen, MD

Matthew Niemeyer DO

Aimee Brown PA-C

Shelly Castles MD

Mariela Herrera, MD

John Powers, MD

Emily Colson, MD

Kristin Bell, PA-C

Jared Bozeman MD

Virginia Mohl MD PhD

Elizabeth Connor, MD

Cody Englert DO

Julie Kelso MD

Kristy Martin, APRN, MN, FNP-C

Daniela Mestre, MD

Fernando Caceres MD

Dana Edwards, M.D.

Jessica Cozzens, MD MPH

Maureen Lucas, MD. FACOG

James Jackson, MD FACP

Erin Rains, D.O.

Nicki Mandala, MD

Jennifer Gail Andrus, MD, FACS

Kylie Ebner, DO

Megan McMillan, M.D.

Barr Petersen MD

Jamie Riha MD

CH “Tersh” McCracken, MD, FACOG

David M. Higgins, MD, MS

Alyssa Burkhart MD

Garett Williams, MD

Heidi M. Duncan, M.D.

Laura K Robinson, PA-C

Jennell Duey, MD

Craig A. Mayr, MD PhD

Amy Hopstad, MD

Jack Staddon, MD/PhD

Elizabeth McDonald, MD

Leslie Bjerke Poling MD

Megan Poser, FNP

Matt McDonald, MD

Colleen Milroy MD

Kathyrn Lysinger, MD

Jerimiah Lysinger, MD

Caitlin Wainscott, MD

Ryan Schwanke, MD

Erin M Allen, MD

Patricia M Notario, MD FAAP

Deb Agnew MD

Ericca Berry DNP

Courtney Handlin D.O.

Kristen Day, MD

Samuel J. Sillitti, MD FACOG Billings Clinic Bozeman - Chief Physician of Bozeman

Angie Ostrowski MD

Ingrid Calle, DO

Eric Arzubi, MD

Collette Chorney, MD

Jessie Salisbury, MD

Gregory Schulte, MD FAAP

Jill LeBlanc, PA-C

Angela Casmier, MD

Hannah Sexton MPAC

Anna M. Hein, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Venus Villalva, MD

Kelly Berkram, MD

Chelsie Russig, DO

Samantha Greenberg, MD, MPH

Courtney Paterson MD

Andrew L Roberts DO

Jason Miller, PT

Bonnie Brown, MD

Sarah Faaborg, MD

Jill Miller, PT

Whitney Martin RD, PA-C

Kyle Goroski DMD

Lori M Aleksic, DDS

Audrey Elias, DPT, PhD

Kelly Irons, MD

Barrett F. Adams MD, FACEP

Blair Wicher, RN

Melody Nelsen MD

Ashley Thomas RN

Wendy Morris MD

Kacia Bundle, NP-C

Anna Fagan, RN

Heidi Drescher MMS, PA-C

Rebecca Coenen Belsom, MD

Abbie Kalemba, RN

Ed Levine, MD

Christopher Reidy MD

Elizabeth Paddock MD FAAFP

Patrick Archie, MD

Lance Griffin, PA-C

Kevin Kolendich, MD

Loreen Pettit MD

Alison Charman BSN, ARNP

Ann M Corsi MD

Allison Mitchell-Haggerty RN

Deb Sostillio RN

Scott Wyman, MD

Meghan Goble, DPT

Jonathan K Rhea DO

Ariel Fillmore, MD

Marjorie Albers MD

Geoffrey Holman MD

Lynsey Evans, aesthetician

Stephanie Suprenant M.D.

Frank Wiley MD

Tim Caramore, MD, MS

Sarah Watson, DO

Tara Rothwell PA-C, MS, MPAS

Jeffrey Knight, MD

Matthew McGady, PA-C

Jeffrey K. Lindley, MD

Rachael Schmidt, MD

Lar Autio, MD

Mae Bixby MD

Benjamin Merbler, D.O.

Jacqueline Ordemann MD

Win Lewis, PA-C

Kelsey Morgosh, MD

Danielle Chapin, PA-C

Molly Horton FNP

Emily Anderson, DO

Brittany Wiseman PA-C

Paige O'Connor, DO

Carey Downey, MD

Brett Bell MD MPH

Jennifer Robohm, PhD

Kate Krebsbach DO

Stephen Reale, MD

Taylor Simmons, MD

Justin Knowles, MD

Jaclynn Mee RN

G Judson Corn, MD

Cathy Scholtens RNC

Dirk Gottman, MD

Allison Young, MD, FAAP

Leslie Scott, MD

Lauren K. Willis, MD

Laurie Carter, MD

Gregory Smith, MD

Andrea Smith, MD

Andrea Vannatta, MD

Benjamin Tuholske, RN, BSN, CFRN

Emma Wright, MD

Alice Laverdiere, DPT

Maria Gurreri, RN

Shannon Foster, MD

Jessica Sempler MD

Jennifer Reck, MD

Melissa Kleschen, MD

Jennifer Hall, MD

Joshua Sticka, MD

Andrew Stritzke MD

Sandra Simmons MD

Amy Frandsen, RN

Jennifer Faiella, RN

Stacie Wellman, MD

Courtney Hathaway MD

David W. Lechner MD.

Aaron Feist, MD

Sara McClure Cox RNC

Elizabeth Beil, MD

Sarah Holexa MD, MEd, FAAP

Lauren Wilson, MD

Erin Reed, PA-C

Jennifer Jeffrey Bell, PT, ScD

April Foster, DDS

Eric Fox, MD

Allison Schweizer RRT

Christian Dean, DO

Eric Larsen, DO

Dean French MD

Jonah E. Attebery, MD

Diana Griffith, MD

Tyler Hurst, D.O.

Charles Acher MD, MPH

Nicole Finke MD

Holly Pozzi RNC

Janneke Volkert MD

Chris Wicher, MD

Karl R. Westenfelder, MD

Ann O'Connor, PA-C, Partnership Health Center, Missoula

James H. Quirk Jr. MD FAAFP

Darin Bell, MD

Rebecca Danforth, MD

Stacie Campo, MD FACS

Meredith Lease MD, FAAP

Christopher M Corsi MD

Rebecca Anderson, MD; Hospitalist, St Patrick Hospital

Charlotte Nelson, MD

Kasey Harbine, MD

Claude Tonnerre, MD, Infectious Diseases, St Patrick Hospital

Molly Quinn PA-C

Julia Gruetzmacher, MD

Joshua B Christensen MD

Jeff Willis MD

Kevin Kolendich, MD

Aubrey Remmers, MD

Jennifer B Mayo, MD

Kaitlin Staebler, PA-C

Kristin Baumert PA-C

Stacy M. Stellflug, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

Marji Cunningham MSN, DNP, FNP-BC

DawnaLynn Wells, PA-C, MS

Emily Hall, DO, FAAP

William George MD

Garth Brand, MD. Program Director of MFMR

Kaci Jansma, PA-C

Wade See, MD

Christopher Baumert, MD

Heather Heggem, PA-C, DMSc

Paul Gochis, MD

Shannon Yonts, MD

linda Ann saunders

Edwin Rodríguez, MD

Katie Jones MD

Ryan Farris, MD

Susan Petersen MD, Family Medicine, SCL Health St Vincents

Paolo Gerbasi, MD

Corby Freitag M.D.

Evan Romrell M.D. Hospitalist, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Kyle Brekke, D.O.

Charles R McClave MD FACP

Matthew W. Wright, MD, FACP

Sarah M. Stewart, MD

Erica Peterson Seas, MD

Emily Miller, NP

Amanda Wreggelsworth PA-C

Courtney B Certain, DO

Mark Schaefer MD

Kris Cunningham MD

Jamie Decker, FNP

Gerri Mournian, MD

Tanya Jagodzinski, MD

Jeffrey Rentz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Teresa Blaskovich, MD

Alison Rentz, MD, FAAP

Lionel Tapia, MD, MSHA

Cynthia Kennedy MD

Janis Langohr, MD

Kyle Bodley, DO, FAAP

Tiffany Chaloux, MD

DeKrisha Lew, MD

Helen Laferriere, NP

Christina DeLeo, PA-C

Douglas Parker, MD

Rich Lammers, MD

Deirdre McNamer, M.D.

Dionne Drakulich MD

Stephanie K Thomas, MD

Barry McKenzie, MD

Alana Barber, FNP-BC

Michael D. Geurin, MD, FAAFP

Jordan Teller, FNP

Andrew G. Lashus, MD

Mark Nicholson MD

Jean Braden NP

Carol Greimann MD

Ashley Quanbeck MD

Dr. Ronald Ray DNAP, CRNA, FNP, ENP

Rick Klee, MD

David M Kane MD

Open-Ended Response

Lindsey Gardner

Meg Downey

Danielle Twilley

Katharine Sampson, RN-BSN

Carmen Cox RN

David Trost, CEO St. John's United

Kelly M Clarke, DDS

Libby Markus, RN

Ann Larr RN

Brooke Rivera

Jessica Freemole

Melany King LPN

Sue Duray, C-SWCM

Jennifer Potts, OTR/L

Devin Mock, RN BSN

Lukas Stevens

Cameron Parker 

This opinion is signed by Dr. Nathan Allen, Billings; Dr. Lauren Wilson, Missoula; Dr. Sarah Holexa, Missoula; and more than 400 other health professionals in Montana. For the full list of names, see this column on

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