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King Donald Trump above the law?

So President Donald Trump thinks himself a king. King Donald the First.

He can pardon himself, he can't be guilty of obstruction of justice, and he can keep corrupt officials like U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt around to fleece the taxpayer as long as he likes.

Never mind that that's why we fought a revolution.

So long as he's doing things that help you and your family — throwing out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals kids, separating asylum-seeking children and parents at the border, starting trade wars with allies — who cares that he's as un-American as the old Soviet flag?

Good old-fashioned Americans voted for him, so they must want these things. (They may not even have to worry about pesky voting again, should the king get his way.)

But what about when Trump’s angry grandpa policies start hurting our families?

His tariff-driven trade wars will impact our lives directly. First, almost everything in Walmart and Target will get a lot more expensive, not to mention cars (made with steel) and homes (lumber).

Second, a lot of American farms will go out of business. Top three buyers of American soybeans? China, Europe and Mexico. Chinese soybean purchases are already down 22 percent this year compared to last. Wheat? There’s Mexico at No. 2, down 35 percent. Pork? Mexico is No. 1 (and Tuesday announced 20 percent tariffs on American imports), Canada No. 4 and China No. 5. (Data from the USDA Economic Research Service.)

“Congrats, you just saved 700 steel jobs at the cost of 50,000 farming jobs. Thumbs up!”

I’m new here: Does Montana have more steel plants or hog farms?

Will we have a war with North Korea when the king doesn’t get exactly what he wants? (Heck, maybe war with Iran, Canada and Mexico simultaneously.) That "1 in 10 Montanans is a veteran" number sure will rise.

His tax cuts give everything to the rich (buybacks, not job growth, just as predicted in these pages) and plunge the U.S. into further debt, preventing us from fighting the next recession.

His cuts in services and health care — thanks, Trumpcare! — kill your paycheck. Will you care about corruption and betrayal of American ideals then? Will you care about the tyrant making his family and his cabinet rich?

(Ivanka's gotten some sweet Chinese trademarks out of this. Maybe that's why Trump said we should go easy on that one Chinese phone company. That's what a lot of people are saying.)

Maybe not. Maybe you'll be happy with scraps as you lose your job in the Trump recession and see the rich getting richer with their buybacks, low-tax dividends and services only they will be able to afford anymore.

Can’t expect Montana's two Republican representatives — U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, the single richest member of Congress (according to "Roll Call," the Capitol Hill newspaper) and U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, no poor slouch himself — to resist Trump's corruption and wealth-stealing. They haven't said a single word between them about the un-American-ness in this administration thus far: why would they start holding him accountable now?

So let us enjoy our meager good times. Thank King Donald for all his blessings. Say he deserves to have all those cheap foreign laborers at Mar-a-Lago while they are denied to pork- and chicken- and crab-processing plants elsewhere. Way to go, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, shut down those American businesses. Now line up for these jobs, Americans.


Or we could remember that we fight our revolutions at the ballot box these days, and there isn’t a single Republican out there who will stand up for Montanans when corrupt King Donald I sets his sights on us.

Jon-Claud Nix is a former Marine Corps officer and resident of Washington, D.C. He worked previously in national security and economic policy and politics. He now resides in Missoula.

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