John Lund


Dear Gov. Steve Bullock:

We are members of Faith and Climate Action Montana, a coalition of people from various faith-based perspectives, mainly representing Christian Protestant traditions. We are alarmed and dismayed by the current bill in the Montana Legislature that would permit NorthWestern Energy to purchase additional ownership stake in Colstrip, pass along costs to ratepayers, and remove Public Service Commission oversight from these actions (Senate Bill 331).

Loving care for all human and all creatures is a shared value of our various faith traditions. As people of faith, we believe responsible stewardship of our home, this beautiful planet we live on, is mandated by our creator.

We take very seriously the current climate emergency. Climate scientists have informed us in no uncertain terms that we must take urgent action to ensure a livable future for our children and grandchildren. Our scientific reality is that we have about a decade to prevent irreversible environmental collapse.

Our shared moral convictions compel us to strongly oppose any actions that delay us from urgently addressing our climate crisis, such as SB 331. We are also alarmed by the possibility of PSC’s abdication of its responsibility to protect Montana ratepayers. The PSC and NWE must factor all costs into their decision-making — including impacts on climate change and social justice and economic implications for all people.

SB 331 would put corporate profits over people. This justification for profit as the only means upon which to base future energy plans dooms us to a warming planet with no more pristine trout streams, no more glaciers in Glacier National Park, shrinking populations of our iconic Montana wildlife, and potentially, no more bees and butterflies to pollinate our food. We are seeing the effects of climate change in Montana already in our smoke-filled summers. Rising global temperatures mean longer, hotter wildfire seasons that threaten our towns, destroy our forests, and force us indoors to protect us from the toxic effects of air pollution.

If we do nothing, human beings face extreme destructive weather patterns all over the globe. Our children are alarmed that we are not acting to ensure they have a livable future. When high school students protested climate change inaction on March 15th, they were voicing their fear and anger at our failure to act.

As stewards of the Earth and people of faith, we have a moral responsibility to act in this brief window of time to protect Montanans today as well as future generations. Please don’t let our children’s livable future melt away through political expediency, like the melting glaciers in our so-named iconic and beautiful national park.

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This column is signed by 100 members of Faith and Climate Action Montana:

1. Rev. John Lund, Missoula

2. Jessie Hampton, Missoula

3. Judith Holloway, Missoula

4. Spirit of Peace Community, Missoula

5. John W. Nugent, Missoula

6. James Wiley, Lolo

7. Ronald L. Mueller, Missoula

8. Dharmacharya Greg Grallo, Missoula

9. Gerald Fetz, Missoula

10. Barbara Price, Dixon

11. Daniel Disch, Missoula

12. Robbin-Jeanne Gates, Missoula

13. Kris Gunsten, Missoula

14. Anita Rognas, Missoula

15. Charlotte Orr, Missoula

16. Whitney Rimel, Missoula

17. Vicki Watson, Missoula

18. Rev. Stacey Siebrasse, Missoula

19. Rose Dickson, Missoula

20. Audrey Murray, Polson

21. Rev. John Daniels, Missoula

22. Vicky Bohlig, Hamilton

23. Dolores Andersen, Missoula

24. Cathy Burleson, Missoula

25. Frances Coover, Missoula

26. Gary W. Hawk, Missoula

27. Mary "Kate" Mrgudic, Missoula

28. Claudia S. Brown, Missoula

29. James Moody, Missoula

30. Richard C. King, Missoula

31. Rev. Gretchen Strohmaier, Missoula

32. Patrick D. King, Missoula

33. Peter Stokstad

34. Maria Stokstad

35. Karen Loos, Missoula

36. Joe Loos, Missoula

37. James D. Engh, Missoula

38. Pastor Stephen Schmidt, Bozeman

39. Rev. Aprille Jordan, Missoula

40. Pastor Chris Flohr, Missoula

41. Beth Taylor Wilson, Missoula

42. Jody McDevitt, Bozeman

43. Graham Cummins, Bozeman

44. Jean Larson, Missoula

45. Rev. Steve Oreskovich, Missoula

46. Sydney Bollinger, Missoula

47. Kristen Walser, Bozeman

48. Will Wright, Bozeman

49. Lori Byron, Hardin

50. Rev. Stacey Siebrasse, Missoula

51. Terry D. Deal, Bozeman

52. Mary E. Fitzpatrick, Billings

53. Janice Munzke-Deal, Bozeman

54. Betty Whiting, Billings

55. Rev. Molly Sasser-Goehner, Missoula

56. Abigail Huseth, Missoula

57. Gregory B. Karlsgodt, Missoula

58. Rev. Valerie Webster, Bozeman

59. Fr. Rob Spaliatsos, Missoula

60. Joseph Wahlin, Superior

61. Barb Madson

62. Tim Wiersum, Missoula

63. Rachael F., Big Horn County

64. Rev. Kendra Wilde, Helena

65. Carl J. Donovan, Great Falls

66. Jana Staton, Missoula

67. Jane S. Kisselbach, Missoula

68. Rev. Donna Gleaves, Helena

69. Orrin Johnson, Missoula

70. Linda Nelson, Helena

71. Roger Shuy, Missoula

72. Hollie Chapman, Missoula

73. Annette Jacobson, Helena

74. Fred Cornelious, Bozeman

75. Patricia Cornelious, Bozeman

76. Rev. Melissa Engel, Butte

77. James Gillison, Missoula

78. Walter Gulick, Billings

79. James H. Wiley, Lolo

80. Lorraine Carlson, Missoula

81. Carole Addis, Missoula

82. Jari Culham Davis, Missoula

83. Roberta R. Zenker, Helena

84. Nancy Gibson, Missoula

85. John W. Nugent, Missoula

86. Nelson Bock, Helena

87. Jean Muir, Great Falls

88. Rev. Marcia Lauzon, Great Falls

89. Pastor Brad Ulgenes, Helena

90. Eula Rider, Missoula

91. Clem Work, Missoula

92. Tracey Gage, Missoula

93. Susan E. Duncan, Helena

94. Sylvia Erickson, Stevensville

95. Marylor Wilson, Missoula

96. Rev. Carrie Benton, Seeley Lake

97. Barbara Gulick, Billings

98. Rilla Esbjornson, Bozeman

99. Ginny Therriault, Missoula

100. Roxanne Hoblitt, Bozeman

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