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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is the only holiday focused entirely on gratitude and giving. Gratitude brings to soul a greater capacity to love.

The Law of Gratitude states: “Abundance flourishes in a grateful heart; gratitude is the secret of love,” and "The greatest of God’s laws is the Law of Divine Love: to serve life out of gratitude for the gift of life.” — “The Spiritual Laws of Life” by Harold Klemp.

Thanksgiving can remind us to be grateful for whatever we have received and to be grateful for our opportunities to serve and love others. Not only on Thanksgiving, but every day we can be grateful for what we are able to give to others. Soul serving another soul with love is an example of serving the divine. We are soul, a spark of God, so to serve others is to serve God. “The window of gratitude opens us to heavens of God.” — “The Spiritual Laws of Life” by Harold Klemp.

When we are grateful our hearts are open and divine love flows into our hearts and nourishes those we love. Feasting on love and God’s blessings is what sustains us and by giving love to others it allows us to thrive. It is our true nourishment.

What I find interesting is the etymology of the word "holiday"; it comes from an old English word meaning holy day. Thanksgiving need not be a once-a-year holiday; we can treat every day and every moment as if it were a holiday or holy day. We can fill our hearts with love and gratitude and serve others at our table of love.

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Susan Stone is a cleric for Eckankar ( 

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