Huckleberries 3 STK

Bagged lunches full of huckleberries to United Way for donating $10,000 from its emergency fund to the Poverello Center, still struggling to repair damages from a sewage leak. The Pov learned that insurance is expected to cover only about $30,000 of the estimated $150,000 in damages.

Continuing the generosity theme, artsy huckleberries — a huckleberry-themed painting, perhaps? — to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, which pledges to match the next $200,000 in donations to the Zootown Arts Community Center’s new downtown buildings. Both the Pov and the ZACC are key to our community and support is greatly appreciated.

Put some chokecherries in a pipe and smoke ‘em — that’s how we feel about the continuing confusion over Montana’s medical marijuana program. Let’s hope that between the state and the courts, clarity is achieved, and quickly.

Huckleberries of mercy to Lake County’s roads supervisor, Jay Garrick, who —after a plea from area birdwatcher Eugene Beckes —agreed to hold off on replacing a one-lane bridge near St. Ignatius until the dippers in the nest beneath it have fledged.

Handfuls of chokecherries, suitable for pelting, for whomever in the Democratic National Committee ruled out a poll that would have allowed Gov. Steve Bullock onto the debate stage at the end of the month with the other Democratic presidential hopefuls. Yes, he’s a long shot. But the voters deserve to hear what he has to say, and make up their own minds without the heavy hand of the DNC.

Sorrowful chokecherries over the conflict in Arlee that led Zanen Pitts — who coached the Arlee Warriors to two state basketball titles in six seasons and founded the suicide-prevention Warrior Movement — to step down.

A double-dipped huckleberry ice cream cone to Dairy Queen for its pup-ular (couldn't help ourselves) Monday night puppy cone program. Bring your pet — mostly dogs, but even gerbils and snakes have been known to show up — and the pet gets a puppy cone, and your family gets a free Blizzard.

Chastising chokecherries to Charlo School Superintendent Steve Love, found by the state Commissioner of Political Practices to have violated election laws during the recent school board election. In an email to staff Love called district critics "dysfunctional" and praised the incumbents. Herewith, as the 2020 campaign season barrels down upon us, a quixotic plea to all candidates avoid negative politicking.

A basket of fresh-picked congratulatory Greenough huckleberries to Juanita Vero, Missoula County's newest commissioner, something to sustain her through the learning curve of public office. We look forward to her representation of the county's rural regions.

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