Huckleberries 1 STK

Tens of thousands of tear-stained huckleberries for the generous residents of Missoula and beyond whose donations have flooded the various fundraisers set up for Montana Highway Patrol trooper Wade Palmer and the three other victims of recent shootings, as well as one set up for Brian Leischner of Clinton, the truck driver badly injured in a wrong-way crash on Interstate 90 just outside town. 

And bitter, unripe chokecherries to the scammers preying on people who want to donate to these causes. Talk about inviting the very worst kind of karma. Just stop.

Frozen huckleberries to Montana's high school athletes, practicing and playing on snow-covered fields and tracks, and sometimes even in actual snowstorms. Each year we're amazed by their hardiness and good humor. Montana strong!

A hard-hearted bushel of chokecherries for the five members of Montana's Senate Judiciary Committee, whose votes effectively nixed Hanna's Act, named for a Native woman who was missing for several days before she was found murdered near the rodeo grounds on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. The bill would have created a missing persons specialist within the state Department of Justice to assist with the investigation of all missing persons cases. It had passed the House on a 99-0 vote, but died in the Senate committee.

High-flying huckleberries to the scientists using drones in Glacier National Park to assess avalanche danger, especially given the unusual factors with which they cope — such as the need to share space with bald eagles, and avoid flocks of small birds, who seem to resent the interlopers.

A mix of huckleberries and chokecherries to the news that the Traveler's Rest music festival curated by The Decemberists at Big Sky Brewing is on hiatus this year. While we appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting on an event of this magnitude, we can't help but feel a little sorry for ourselves. Heaping servings of huckleberries if it returns in 2020.

As many bazillion chokecherries as it will take to fill our annual crop of potholes. It seems that every year, people complain that they're the worst ever and while city spokeswoman Ginny Merriam wouldn't go so far as to say it's an "extraordinary" year, she copped to "a serious year for potholes."

While we're on the subject of potholes, slices of warm huckleberry pie with a scoop of ice cream to the city's Street Maintenance Division workers scurrying around trying to fill them.

Huckleberry desserts, too, to the two new burger joints in town, Wally and Buck's, and Frugals. Both stress affordable, fresh foods and we're all about that. And now our stomachs are rumbling. 

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