Should Missoula Animal Control be in control of anything?

While visiting Animal Control, I was told Walter’s license had expired. For several weeks after I was harassed and intimidated by Animal Control. Bountiful mailings, frequent drive-bys and idling in front of my house by the Animal Control patrol truck, and phone messages.

Walter is a 13-pound, 9-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, rescue dog. He has no previous criminal record or bad reputation in our neighborhood. Apparently he was considered a high risk first offender for all the expense and time Animal Control employed in their harassment.

They have a sign on their office countertop, a huge warning to the public. It reads: “We will not tolerate harassment.” I’d had enough of it myself and paid a visit to Animal Control. During the few minutes I was there, their complete lack of empathy was displayed. An employee on the telephone told the caller she was being harassed and hung up on the caller. Being in control means Animal Control gets to define "harassment."

I paid the $17.50 for a two-year license.

Animal Control public relations is a display of power play, belligerence and condescending behavior. Be aware!

J. Butler,


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