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I ask the Missoulian to increase your coverage of the climate crisis.

Earthweek: Diary of a Changing World, reported that sunflower starfish are disappearing at an alarming rate due to a combination of warming waters and infectious diseases. Climate change is spreading more disease, more illness and shortening human lives, as well as causing mass extinctions in animals and plants.

The Earth is being spoiled by our excesses, our carelessness and our ignoring what is happening. I am feeling alarm and grief over the profound values of life that we are losing. Coming to terms with these losses can prompt us to care and take action. Taking action can mean living simpler lives and lowering our energy footprint with renewable energy. It means pressuring state legislators and Congress to pass policies that protect our air, water, soil and land.

Taking action to preserve Earth’s resources will help our economy, which will be more destroyed by the trillions of dollars it will cost to rebuild cities, ecosystems and coasts after floods, fires and droughts. Untold lives are being lost and displaced, resulting in environmental refugees. How can we ignore this profound impact on our children’s future?

Claudia S. Brown,


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