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Missoulian mailbag

I know that I am a day late and a dollar short on public comment regarding the 4.8-acre area on South and Johnson (across from the mall), but does the city really need another park, dog park and whatever else is planned for this area when we need land for affordable housing?

I understand wanting to connect the bike paths to the bridge on Reserve that the ghosts use, but I think the taxpayers' dollars could be better spent. Housing is more important.

How about a new senior citizens' building with senior housing that is affordable? Thanks to our mayor and his spending cronies, many seniors and people on fixed incomes are the very people who are and will be taxed right out of their homes.

This land is in a great location, with easy access to the bus system, the mall, grocery stores, etc., for a housing project rather than another park. In case anyone forgot, the taxpayers gave the city a relative fortune for the new parks on South. I think for now we're flush on the park situation.

Any common sense running this city? One really has to wonder. Hope I'm not alone here.

Darla Steubs,


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