I have to ask. I have been wanting to for some time now.

Those of you who wear "MAGA" hats obviously do not think America is currently "great." After all, you want to "make America great again." So when exactly do you MAGA hat-wearers think that America was great?

Was it a hundred years ago? Or decades? Or a fantasy? Do all of you who sport MAGA hats agree on the same time when American was great? Would an 85-year-old female MAGA hatter and a 23-year-old male MAGA hatter be in agreement as to America's time of greatness? Will all of you know precisely when America reaches greatness again?

So, please, educate those of us who want to know: When exactly was America great and what made it great at that time?

Thanks in advance for your enlightening explanations.

Linda Holtom,


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