Recently, there were a few minutes of media given to the findings of scientists regarding the severe declines in insect populations all over the world. It is being called the Insect Armageddon and was said to be extremely alarming. All I heard here in the U.S. was a gigantic yawn as everyone went about their business of looking at their cell phones.

If all the insects go extinct, lack of food will cause a lot of fish, nearly all amphibians, most reptiles, nearly all birds (since most birds, even seed eaters, have to feed their hatchlings insects) and many small and large mammals to go extinct because of lack of food.

In the arguments concerning delisting of grizzlies (also in the news lately), were the present and future lack of insects and lack of fruiting plants considered?

For those of you who care only about money, insects provide the United States with $57 billion in services to our economy every year. For those who care about what foods will be available for your children and grandchildren, most flowering plants will go extinct if the pollinators go extinct. Shouldn't we do something before that happens?

Judy Hoy,


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