My husband and I ranch 50 miles south of Malta on an operation that has been in the family for 102 years. We are the fourth generation. We are also contiguous neighbors to the American Prairie Reserve.

Their recent (Sept. 29) guest column mentions their scaled-back application to the Bureau of Land Management, which represents their commitment to being a good neighbor. Doesn’t that mean they are admitting that they have been a bad neighbor? They have been here since 2001 and after 18 years they decide it is time to be a good neighbor. Wow, it only took that long to realize they had an image problem with their neighbors.

Also, according to their website their mission is “to create the largest nature reserve in the continental United States, a refuge for people and wildlife preserved forever as part of America’s heritage.” Yet their guest opinion claims they want to work with Montanans to protect the economy, heritage and conservation legacy that is vital to our future. Nowhere in their mission statement does it say anything about protecting the economy or conserving our grasslands. Creating a nature reserve does not necessarily imply that either.

APR’s sincerity is too little, too late.

Perri Jacobs,


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