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Re: The recent Missoulian article (Monday, Oct. 7) about the University of Montana's effort in recruiting students, looking at data to analyze past successes.

How quaint! Evidently, UM President Seth Bodnar has forgotten a major fundamental from both his military and private sector careers, something that Vice President Cathy Cole has yet to learn: The procedure for recovering from failure is to analyze the failures, not the successes.

One might learn something from a deeper understanding of why the students who came to UM made the decision to do so. But so what; they are already here. Far more useful in fixing any recruiting program — and perhaps in fixing what is clearly still wrong at UM — would be to find out why those who decided against attending UM made that decision. That is something worth knowing.

We have a new set of “leaders” at UM, but I am no longer confident that they will do any better than the last set of losers in bringing UM back to flagship status.

Robert E. McCoy,


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