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Angry driver upset by bumper stickers

Angry driver upset by bumper stickers


While on my way to the post office this morning I noticed, in my rear-view mirror, a bright, shiny, new Audi closing on me at startling speed. As I looked closer, I noticed the driver, balding with sunglasses, rewarding me with a two-handed, one-finger salute. He got right up on my tail, fiercely repeating his salute, obviously very disturbed. I turned right and moved to the USPS lane. This gentleman roared North on Brooks at very high speed. I was really impressed! Nice car!

It became clear to me that he was overreacting to three Republican bumper stickers on the rear of my SUV, including one for President Trump.

I thought Missoula was a nice, liberal town. It must be since so many people applaud it and themselves for being so. Admittedly, this jerk doesn’t represent everybody in Missoula. Nevertheless, in a day and age when policemen are horribly injured or killed, and buildings looted and burned by non-Trump supporters, it makes one wonder what might be next.

Come on, people, there is no more passive example of free expression than a bumper sticker. Cool down. Less than two weeks to go. Perhaps you’ll get your wish.

Thomas P. Ross,


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