In regard to the letter of complaint about Missoula Animal Control in the May 13 edition of the Missoulian, I would offer these thoughts:

Reminding someone that she had neglected to renew her dog's license hardly constitutes harassment. She said this so-called harassment went on for weeks, which leads to this question: Why didn't she just renew the license the first (or even the second) time she was reminded? She didn't seem to object to the fact that dog licensing is required by law, but instead was angry because Animal Control expected her to actually obey the law.

I realize that different people react in different ways, but it seems a more reasonable reaction to being reminded of a duty — one that should have already been performed — would have been, "Oh, thank you for letting me know. I'll take care of that right away." And then doing exactly that.

The employees at Animal Control are faced with difficult situations on a daily basis, and they strive to handle them in a reasonable and compassionate manner. They don't deserve to be criticized for following the law as written and doing the jobs they were hired to do.

Elaine Sehnert,


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