Hard not to be an optimist or a pessimist in the Last Place these days. Neither is the desired taco in that there's no reason for the former, and the latter's just capitulation, but when I see that "Montanans" have donated to Donald Trump 3,882 times, it sure is tempting.

I hesitate — for many reasons, most of them centered around people I've known or grown up with — to suggest massive gastroenterological surgical interventions to place Plexiglas windows in the abdomen for navigational necessity.

In its stead, I offer anti-capitalism, which I've read is the surest way to alleviate the ongoing disaster that is capitalism. Or Ghostbusters.

For all you social Darwinist, imperious Bundyites, earth-purloining conquistadors, Sam Cooke and I have a message: "A change gonna come." Yes, the only known axiom there is, is change. The earth and the universe are perfecting themselves always.

Non-capitalist ways are much older than free-market neoliberalism. Homelessness was relatively unknown until the Reagan revolution, and I prefer Zhou Enlai's answer to the question posed to him about how he thought the French Revolution turned out: "Too early to tell."

Bill Shea,


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