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Missoulian mailbag

I'm 85 years old, and have been hunting and target-shooting since I was 12 years old. I got a nice white-tailed buck last fall. I am not anti-gun. However, I am anti-National Rifle Association.

Years ago, the NRA was a good outfit. Many of my friends were NRA members. It's been downhill since then.

After the Las Vegas shooting the general public became somewhat aware of bump stocks as news outlets reported the shooter used them. Bump stocks are essentially a rifle modification that changes a semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle like a machine gun.

In 1934 Congress passed the National Firearms Act which made it illegal to have fully automatic rifles. The 1934 act is still in effect today.

After the Las Vegas massacre, there were suggestions to regulate bump stocks. The NRA came out against any regulations pertaining to bump stocks.

Then the week of Feb. 18, at the national Conservative Political Action Conference meeting, Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman, stated some in the national media like mass shootings as it provides news stories. How much of a warped mind does it take to make that statement! Remember, she is the NRA official spokeswoman.

I can't support the NRA. Let's support only legislators who are for common-sense regulations like the legislation in 1934, not no regulations like the NRA wants.

Ralph Fries,


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