U.S. Sen. Steve Daines: 

I have read that you support the construction of a wall at our border with Mexico. And that you even want the Senate to invoke the nuclear option to realize Donald Trump's crazy "wall" fantasy.

Sir, Republicans lost the House in November primarily because of Donald Trump's unpopular, sociopathic nonsense. Furthermore, Senate candidate Matt Rosendale wrapped himself around Trump's wild illusions — including the wall — and lost.

Yet you want to abet Trump's "wall" madness? I am appalled that Montanans are represented by a senator who is so lacking in compassion for other human beings — beleaguered immigrants who desperately need a helping hand, not blinding tear gas.

Surely senators can develop a better answer to this problem than building an asinine wall. Can't they?

I am not a religious person; Trump's presidency is one major reason I cannot believe a "loving" god exists. But I'll assume that you, senator, sometimes attend church. So next Sunday, I challenge you to ask your cleric this question: Would Jesus support erecting a huge barricade whose only purpose is to block out his poorest and neediest children?

John Russell,


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