I agree with Beth Taylor Wilson's suggestion (letter, Nov. 3) that a government warning be put on truthful journalism. However, Wilson must recognize that there are several truths when it comes to climate change, its causes and how best to combat it.

The climate change cause needs a voice of reason in order to discover a reasonable path to resolution. This path would seek to affect the environment in a positive manner with minimal disruption to the culture and economy.

Therefore, I suggest that the warning read as follows and be applied to all journalism addressing climate change: “Government Warning: Consumption of journalism and opinions regarding climate change may impair your thinking and your ability to recognize facts which could have a negative effect on your life. Reader discernment is advised.”

Another issue in her letters that needs to be addressed is the use of the WAMR (white aging male Republican) moniker. May we refer to Wilson as a WAFL (white aging female liberal)? Or should we refer to her in a less racial and more gender specific way and call her an AWFL (aging woman female liberal). Which would she prefer?

Jerry Roseleip,

Deer Lodge

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