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Online-only letter to the editor: Oppose 'evil doctrine' of critical race theory

Online-only letter to the editor: Oppose 'evil doctrine' of critical race theory

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Critical race theory has nothing to do with history, and everything to do with anti-white hatred.

Those who haven’t studied the Frankfurt origins of this malignant doctrine must be forgiven for the ignorance, as our educational and media institutions have long ago been captured by its evil perpetrators.

Critical race theory’s name was deliberately designed to imply critical thinking, rather than unreasonable and misleading racial indoctrination. It is a material dialectic construct built for justifying the violence, hatred and iconoclasm of the broad front against American — a term described by Saul Alinsky to describe the "lumpenprole" hordes who can be whipped up into a mutual and murderous hatred for targeted groups.

By poisoning the minds of young white people with exaggerated and false histories about the evils of their race, Marxists seek to prevent resistance to their gutting of American values, culture and history. These steps towards the “end of history” are the precursors to mass murder and civilizational death seen in all communist hellholes on this planet.

The only moral choice is to oppose this evil doctrine at all levels with rightful national pride, and not allow your children to be intoxicated with self-hatred and falsehoods.

Garret Morrill,


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