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Time and again I've heard people say, "I didn't ask to be born!" But we are, in fact, being asked — all of the time — whether we are willing to be born. How could we be asked before we existed?

We are involved in explorations trying to find life on other planets — aliens or extraterrestrials — when we don't realize that we are literally surrounded by beings whom we are unable to see. That's not to say that they can't be detected, however — ask those who deal in the occult.

Many people disbelieve in the supernatural, not understanding that everything is supernatural, stemming from a supernatural source: the supernatural God. Life doesn't end when we take our last breath on this earth. We are eternal creatures, whether we want to be or not. But we do get to choose eternal life — or eternal death. It's an entirely reasonable offer and God is ready and willing to help us if we will let him.

I'm not talking about church, I'm talking about a personal conversation with God. Talk to him now, and choose life!

Larry Roland,


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