Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale doesn’t meet with Montanans or take questions very often, but if he did, I would ask him these questions:

Why would you rubber-stamp health insurance rate increases for working Montana families already struggling to afford their health care? And why would you push for healthcare plans that can refuse to cover the health care of 152,000 Montanans you claim to represent and protect?

Montanans may not hear the answer before they vote this November. But we deserve to know why Rosendale would use his office as insurance commissioner to expand “junk” healthcare plans that can deny coverage to Montanans with pre-existing conditions. This isn’t doing his job of standing up for Montanans — it's throwing us under the bus.

These “junk” health care plans — which don’t have to cover basic health care services and can deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions — are terrible for people’s health overall. The sticker price may seem cheaper — until you realize the plans don’t even have to cover basic prescriptions or routine care.

Insurance Commissioner Rosendale knows this. He held a fundraiser with those kinds of insurance executives. He just took the money and expanded their kind of insurance.

Mark Hull,


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